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Installation procedure

To install this solution in your farm, please follow these instructions:

  • On your c: drive create a folder named "Temp"
  • Open your SharePoint 2013 Management Shell with elevated privileges
  • Enter the following PowerShell code:

Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath "C:\Temp\ADGroupMembersWebPart.wsp" -Verbose


  • Once solution has been added to the farm solutions store you can run the following PowerShell code to install the solution in your farm:

Install-SPSolution -Identity ADGroupMembersWebPart.wsp -GACDeployment -AllWebApplications -Verbose

Solution has a web application scope feature, so in this step you may also choose to which web applications you wish to install this solution to.


 Activation procedure

To activate feature containing the web part, you have to activate feature at a site collection level.

To activate this feature go to Site settings and in the Site collection administration section click on Site collection features. Find Display AD group members Web Part

Activate the feature by clicking the Activate button:


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