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SharePoint 2013 Display AD Group Members

This project is an upgrade project to this:

Display members of AD group in SharePoint 2010 - Home

Intended use

This web part is inteded to be used for displaying site users in a web part on a web part page. It enables you to display the members of Active Directory security groups,


This version of web part has several improvements:

  • Treeview control does not load all members on page load, only first level of site users is loaded. On expand, calls are made to AD and members are loaded in treeview control. This enables faster page loading and loading members of specific AD group on demand.
  • Expand all and collapse all options were added to web part
  • Custom branding is enabled
  • Email and phone number of a user can be displayed in web part
  • Sending emails with email client is possible directly from web part if email address is displayed
  • Better error handling
  • Errors are loaded in ULS logs
  • Namespace of the web part was changed
  • Option to display Lync status

Install Instructions

Web part settings

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